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Maple Leaf

August 8, 2011
Maple Leaf

I am leaf emerging in spring
from buds resting on the branches
of my homestead.

I sing green in all my glory
all summer long
giving shade to the forest.

I will fill your soul with the fragrance of my love.
I will love you like a sweet violet,
hold you gently in my arms.

Oh wandering species human,
you may bring heavy steps to my woods,
but come.

Come in my autumn stretch
when my rainbow sings on a carpet
of red yellow orange purple brown.

The lips of my ruffled tips
flirt with the wind.
I sing I flutter I rain on the ground.

I live in the forest of dreams
where tears of reckless love
find soothing relief.

Within my halls you may contemplate
the mysteries of life and death
and your current relationships.

I shelter the trail you may walk
in solitude and prayer.
So take off your dark robes of despair.

Break the frozen chain binding your sorrows.
Leave them with me.
I will send them sailing on the skirts of the wind.

© Teresa E. Gallion 2003

Standing at the Feet of Zion

August 8, 2011
Standing at the Feet of Zion
(Zion National Park Utah)

The walls of Zion raise their heads toward eternity,
quietly pulling us into its bosom.
The walls ripple with brown sugar, chocolate heat,
red cinnamon, caramel and orange cream.

Ruby red seeps through amber walls
and mossy greens burst open into floral bouquets
spreading their legs in the sunlight.
Pine needles romp across th...

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Destiny—Do I Have One

August 8, 2011

Destiny—Do I Have One


The heart’s ears listen to the earned lyrics

move you like a tornado,

eating everything in its path,

while the brain stokes the fires of passion.


That is destiny.


The mind sprints through time and space

shuffle the cards dealt at its table.

The wait for Spirit’s hand

lurks in the dealer’s cut.


That is destiny.


The body walks, s...

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Teresa Gallion Teresa moved to New Mexico in 1987. While writing sporadically for many years, in 1998 she started reading her work in the local Albuquerque poetry community. She has been a featured reader at local coffee houses, bookstores, art galleries, museums, libraries, Outpost Performance Space, the Route 66 Festival in 2001 and the State of Oklahoma’s Poetry Festival in Cheyenne, Oklahoma in 2004. She occasionally hosts an open mic. Teresa’s work is published in numerous Journals and anthologies. She has two CDs: On the Wings of the Wind and Poems from Chasing Light. She has published three books: Walking Sacred Ground, Contemplation in the High Desert and Chasing Light. Chasing Light was a finalist in the 2013 New Mexico/Arizona Book Awards. The surreal high desert landscape and her personal spiritual journey influence the writing of this Albuquerque poet. When she is not writing, she is committed to hiking the enchanted landscapes of New Mexico.


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