Destiny—Do I Have One


The heart’s ears listen to the earned lyrics

move you like a tornado,

eating everything in its path,

while the brain stokes the fires of passion.


That is destiny.


The mind sprints through time and space

shuffle the cards dealt at its table.

The wait for Spirit’s hand

lurks in the dealer’s cut.


That is destiny.


The body walks, skips, runs, tries to avoid

the daily lessons

that flow from the ocean of love and mercy,

often stumble into divine presence.


That is destiny.


But the soul watches and waits

for a balance beam

to ride the waves of the wind.

Checks the status of heart, mind and body,


assesses readiness to make a pact

with harmony

and if the light and sound dance

with passion,

Soul catches a wave,

pulls heart, mind and body along.


And you ask the question,

Do I have a destiny?

Spirit answers,

you are on the way home.


That is destiny.


When I reflect on all the places

my booths have touched this lifetime,

I feel the steam of gratitude

in the dampness of my shirt.


The rain falls in bouquets,

a healing massage against my face.

A howl of wildness invokes my

vocal cords with freedoms cry.


That is destiny.


And when the cranes

scope the landscape

against a turquoise sky

vaulted by muscular clouds,

I know a rhythm greater than myself

leads me on the pathway.


I write down the walls

the story

that is

my destiny.


© Teresa E. Gallion Monday, February 28, 2011