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Scent of Love

February 5, 2021
You look at me
and penetrate my heart.
Now I am a prisoner
of your words teasing me
at every level of my being.

My thoughts are obsessed
with the idea of your love.
I undress in my dreams
nd fall into your embrace.

When I wake up I stroke
the image rubbing my heart.

I ache for your presence
to touch on the earth plane.
Then sadness bursts my
chest wide open, floods
my body with the water of pain.
You will not see this nor feel this.
You are only in my mind.

As the warmth of you
fades into morning,
reality sucks my blood.
I cry alone in the physical
totally protected by sacred fragrances. 

I want to go back to my dreams
where my soul may engage
the everlasting scent.
So I close my eyes, embraced in spiritual light
and awaken to the scent of love.

    from Scent of Love, 2020


Wild Bird

February 5, 2021
The river inside me flows,
exposes my wildness.
A thousand boats of passion
float downstream.

My mountain smiles,
shoots boulders at the river,
trying to warn you.
Careful, you do not know
what you are playing with.

Take a deep breath,
send your ego home.
Don’t take me as a challenge,
I may eat you whole.

Respect my space,
approach with love,
the only thing
to soothe the feathers
of a wild bird.

    from Chasing Light, 2013

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Maple Leaf

August 8, 2011
Maple Leaf

I am leaf emerging in spring
from buds resting on the branches
of my homestead.

I sing green in all my glory
all summer long
giving shade to the forest.

I will fill your soul with the fragrance of my love.
I will love you like a sweet violet,
hold you gently in my arms.

Oh wandering species human,
you may bring heavy steps to my woods,
but come.

Come in my autumn str...

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Standing at the Feet of Zion

August 8, 2011
Standing at the Feet of Zion
(Zion National Park Utah)

The walls of Zion raise their heads toward eternity,
quietly pulling us into its bosom.
The walls ripple with brown sugar, chocolate heat,
red cinnamon, caramel and orange cream.

Ruby red seeps through amber walls
and mossy greens burst open into floral bouquets
spreading their legs in the sunlight.
Pine needles romp across th...

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Destiny—Do I Have One

August 8, 2011

Destiny—Do I Have One


The heart’s ears listen to the earned lyrics

move you like a tornado,

eating everything in its path,

while the brain stokes the fires of passion.


That is destiny.


The mind sprints through time and space

shuffle the cards dealt at its table.

The wait for Spirit’s hand

lurks in the dealer’s cut.


That is destiny.


The body walks, s...

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About Me

Teresa Gallion Teresa moved to New Mexico in 1987. While writing sporadically for many years, in 1998 she started reading her work in the local Albuquerque poetry community. However, her first love is traveling the world and hiking the diverse landscapes of New Mexico. The woods are her temple and her therapist. Much of her spiritual work in unfoldment is during walking in the woods.


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